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Call Center Automation
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Make digital transformation a reality with solutions that automate and optimize operations and provide clear insights into customer data—allowing your agents to be more productive and deliver the best customer service possible.

Take a New Approach to Age-Old Challenges with Robotic Process Automation and Analytics

A well-run contact center needs the right foundations in place that offer teams the ability to work faster, smarter and improve customer relationships.

Robotic Process Automation gives your organization the tools needed to reach new heights in workflow efficiency. Coupled with Interaction Analytics and Desktop Analytics, organizations can gain clear insights into customer data that can transform your business and bring greater ROI.

Alvaria brings best-of-breed solutions tailored to your organizational needs, enabling you to get the most from your contact center technology – whether your staff is working on-site, remote or in a hybrid setting. Choose the tools you need to start achieving better customer experiences and more productive agents, all at a lower operating cost.

Robotic Process Automation

End repetitive tasks and maximize contact center productivity.

  • Read, write, import, or extract data without human intervention
  • Automate tasks to reduce IT overhead
  • Flexibility for customization based on the customer needs
  • REST API eliminates the need for custom scripts
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Interaction Analytics

Make strategic decisions to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Predictive algorithms for improved quality & service models
  • Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) search technology for quick and accurate searches
  • Speech and text analytics for surfaced insights
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Desktop Analytics

Collect and process agent activity data to enable task mining and behavior analysis.

  • Gather more detailed data, across more systems
  • Leverage proprietary sensors that go beyond surface level recording, screen scraping, or computer vision algorithms
  • Operating system and application platform sensors pull data from the deeper and more reliable object level
  • Improve agent productivity with surgical precision
  • Understand agent productivity down to the individual task level – Identify high performers, identify the laggards and track system usage

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Alvaria Cloud

Get the Automation & Analytics Tools You Need, Deployed the Way You Want

Improve organizational efficiencies with tools that are available on-premises, in a hosted setting, or on the cloud contact center platform of your choice for optimal flexibility, enabling you to choose the deployment that’s right for your business.

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Let’s talk about the power of Automation and Analytics, where it can be applied in your contact center, and the business impacts you can expect.

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